Standalone Messages

21st February 2021
Revd. David Fleming from Rugby Baptist Church
Galatians 5

7th February 2021
Practicing The Presence Of God
1 Kings 19:3-12
Dr. David Rogers

31st January 2021
When The Kingdom Comes
Matthew 6:25-34
Emma McPhail

17th January 2021
Turning A New Page
Luke 2:22-38
Revd. Joth Hunt

3rd January 2021
Something New
Joshua 3
Jonathan Somerville

8th November 2020
Remembrance Sunday
John 15:9-17
Nigel Cox

1st November 2020
Looking for an Irresistible Faith?
Matthew 12:1-13
Tracey Ansell, North End Baptist Church

25th October 2020
Liminality, Exile, Waiting
Jeremiah 29:4-11
Jonathan Somerville, Woodford Baptist Church

18th October 2020
1 Samuel 14:6-13
Gavin Calver - CEO of the Evangelical Alliance

4th October 2020
Knowing Jesus In The Storm
Mark 4:35-41
Matt Ferreira

27th September 2020
Operation Chad

20th September 2020
Responding To Restrictions
Revd. Nigel Cox

30th August 2020
Are We Living In The End Times
Revd. Rev Joel Ferreira

23rd August 2020
Watching The Sun Rise
Revd. Joth Hunt

16th August 2020
What Is Our Hope?
2 Peter 3
Revd. Nigel Cox

9th August 2020
Who Are We?
1 Peter 1:1-2
Revd. Phil Jump, Regional Minister, North West Baptist Association